ProCare Prosthetics & Orthotics

About ProCare

ProCare is homegrown, founded by prosthetist, Stephen Schulte and his wife, Amne Schulte in 1995. They shared a passion to bring holistic patient care to the heart of the prosthetics industry. ProCare’s goal is that you feel known, educated, and prepared for the journey ahead. We collaborate with you throughout the entire process, innovating to build you a custom prosthesis that will provide optimal fit and function so you can move freely. We ensure each step takes you where you want to go, cheering you on as you accomplish your dreams, big and small. At ProCare Prosthetics, you aren’t just a patient, you’re family.

Forward Together

In 2021, ProCare joined Ottobock Patient Care. Already known for its worldwide excellence in prosthetic technology and quality patient care, Ottobock entered the patient care market in North America through strategic partnership with select best-in-class patient care providers throughout the United States. This collaboration will support ProCare and Ottobock’s shared vision to advance innovation, improve access to care, and most importantly deliver the best possible patient care experiences.

You deserve care that puts you first and helps you get back to being you. We are here to help you gain the mobility and confidence you need to live an active life.

We love to brag about our patients

Although ProCare’s approach has attracted notable, accomplished athletes from across the United States, the ProCare staff is equally dedicated to reaching the goals of each and every individual who enters through our doors.

ProCare Prosthetics began with a staff of two in a single facility. We have since expanded to five offices with a multi-disciplined staff which includes: engineers, prosthetists, orthotists, an education team, and a skilled operations support staff, including our patient advocates. Each member of the team plays a vital role in “Making it Possible” for our patients to reach their goals.