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ProCare Post – Issue No. 2

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Happy New Year
From Us to You! Even amidst the trials of 2020, we realized we still have so much to celebrate. We hope our reflections bring you some joy, and that you are able to welcome the new year in safety, peace, and health! We asked our staff to share some of their most beloved and thankful memories from 2020.From our Athens Office“We are so happy for one of our *patients who has been healing from her amputation since November of 2019. She was able take her first steps one year later as a prosthetic user. We are proud of her and know she will continue to improve!”“I am thankful to be welcoming my second child and to have run in my first marathon. I’m also proud of the perseverance the Athens patients have displayed this year despite the Global pandemic.”“I have been thankful to welcome my third child. I am impressed with the flexibility the company has shown this year. With all the craziness, I feel our staff has displayed the ability to work together and step into roles and fill those needs.”From our Buford Office“I would like to recognize our team as a whole for the month of April. All of our staff and employees were affected and everyone’s day to day job duties looked different, but we made it through, and we continue to practice safe and sanitary patient care. We banded together as a community and some staff were working outside of their department because they were needed to support their teammates.” 
“One of my *patients was a really special fitting. His two older boys were intrigued in the prosthesis and asked so many good cute questions. It was special.”From our Conyers Office “I complimented one *patient on her beautiful and colorful mask during one of her appointments, and the next week she made a special trip to the office to drop off a homemade one for me!”“One of my *patients has been an above knee amputee since birth and was walking with a new microprocessor knee in the office. He stumbled, caught himself, and then immediately looked up and started laughing. He started saying, “It caught me! It caught me! It knew I was falling, and it blocked my fall.” He was excited to show the new prosthesis off to his friends and excited to have a knee that matched his activity level.”From our Midtown Office: “One *patient I worked with has come a long ways from BKA to AKA amputation within one year. He always has such a great outlook considering what he has gone through/still going through.”“One of my *patients is a very sweet, positive man. On top of caring for himself, he cares for his older father who might I mention is the spinning image of Stevie. Both so stinking adorable!”From our Stockbridge Office: “I met one of our *patients before he had surgery and worked with him while he was healing. I happened to be in the office the day he was able to try on his prosthesis for the first time. The tears of joy he cried while taking those first steps was one of the most powerful moments I’ve had this year!” *Patients have been left unnamed to help us preserve their privacy.